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NonStop™ To Wellness

nonstoplogo1NonStop to Wellness is for the entire family and community featuring:
NonStopfor kids
Life Information for families

We address the core issue of today’s wellness problem: lasting lifestyle changes. Our focus is on the need for individuals to change mindsets in order to permanently change lifestyles.

We provide seamless integration, our proactive approach to wellness targets everyone:

  • Triggers a commitment to wellness.
  • Promotes self responsibility.
  • Lays the foundation for permanent lifestyle changes.
  • Empowers individuals to make better choices.

NonStop to Wellness is:

  • An online wellness program
  • A value added behavior modification program
  • Consistent lifestyle communications
  • Self-help resources
  • Focuses o changing lifestyle of the entire family
  • Provides outcome data for kids between 5-13 yrs of age
  • Kids are rewarded for:
    • Their daily activity
    • Making better nutritional choices (? fruits & vegetable consumption and ? the junk food)
    • Screen time (TV, Video Games and Computer)
    • Setting personal goals

The Value Proposition

NonStop™ to Wellness is a great way for an organization to adopt an important social cause, brand the effort with their own name, and become the recognized champion of that cause within their community. What better way to bring together business partners in the community, utilize media outlets to advance the campaign and involve the entire community in the effort.  It’s simple, NonStop™ to Wellness will provide your organization with the tools to be recognized for and to succeed in:

Community Leadership- perception and loyalty to the organization for leading the cause against childhood obesity and promoting healthy living within the community

Partnering – bringing local businesses, schools, media and other organizations together to for the cause which strengthens the bonds within the community

Branding Program- all media graphics carry brand of the organization

Polling – The organization has the ability to poll its’ NonStop™ program members on new or existing events, products or promotions for itself as well as the community partners.

Messaging – The organization can communicate to its program members based on lifestyle data collected through the NonStop™ program.

Reporting – The sponsor organization has access to real time reporting which includes the ability to query all data collected from their members.  The reports may be exported in several different formats to us in presentations and or emails.

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