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Education is Key

Developing your people is even more important during tough economic times. SHI has assembled a catalogue of healthcare related e-learning courses to use for various types of accreditation, CEU requirements or continuous education, CLICK HERE to check out the exceptional Online University.

Life Information Center


“In the current economic climate, the Life Information Center has become a leader in helping subscribers lower their out of pocket health care expenditures, avoid overuse of medications, and improve their health through lifestyle change.  With higher deductibles and larger co-pays increasing annually, the Life Information Center is an unmatched resource to help families become better consumers of their own health care dollars.” – Joyce Ramay, CEO

Why is Life Information, Inc. (LII) acclaimed as the First Step to Wellness?

As the recognized leader of electronically delivered and seamlessly integrated Wellness products, LII is the sole company offering a complete life management system through its robust and vastly superior single site, the Life Information Center, and proprietary, life-changing communications.

Targeting both employees and family members, LII’s Wellness resources help users of all ages to focus on essential mental commitments that trigger lasting lifestyle changes.  This proactive approach attacks the core issue of Wellness and empowers individuals to make positive decisions that lead to mental and physical well-being.

Through its multi-faceted programs and communications, LII’s First Step to Wellness:

➢    Ensures high utilization by laying the foundation for permanent lifestyle changes.
➢    Helps individuals identify personal needs and initiate changes.
➢    Reinforces mental resolve and promotes self-responsibility.
➢    Prepares individuals to confront and overcome daily life stressors.

Any commitment to Wellness, such as weight loss, smoking cessation and change of habits, must begin initially with a mental and emotional commitment to change.

LII’s resources, self-help tools and communications reinforce this truism by initially leading each person through the mental steps of change and then offering ongoing support to enhance his or her desired goal for a new and healthier lifestyle.

Knowledge alone doesn’t lower the risk of disease or the costs of providing healthcare to the sick.  Prevention becomes successful only when individuals make life-altering commitments to change.  This results in healthier living and lower healthcare costs to all.

Seventy percent (70%) of today’s healthcare dollars target disease and medication management resulting from poor lifestyles.  For instance, healthcare plans pay over $22,512 annually for a diabetic’s care, as opposed to $1,721 for a non-diabetic’s care.  Lifestyle change alone can reduce an employee or dependent’s risk of becoming a diabetic by 50%.

LII’s unmatched Wellness resources offer specific answers and direction to navigate daily life issues, such as diet and weight control, including how to make positive lifestyle changes through education and reinforcement of daily life decisions. This information lays the foundation for reducing preventable illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Wellness Program Topics

Unmatched in depth and scope, Life Information, Inc.’s Wellness Program
contains the following major topic categories:

➢    Weight Control
➢    Obesity
➢    Eating Disorders
➢    Nutrition
➢    Diets
➢    Healthy Recipes
➢    Fitness
➢    Strength Training
➢    Exercise and Aging
➢    Maintaining Good Health
➢    Self-Assessments
➢    Alternative Medicine
➢    Herbal Supplements
➢    Homeopathy
➢    Sports Medicine
➢    Sports Injuries
➢    Sports Psychology

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