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Education is Key

Developing your people is even more important during tough economic times. SHI has assembled a catalogue of healthcare related e-learning courses to use for various types of accreditation, CEU requirements or continuous education, CLICK HERE to check out the exceptional Online University.



Introducing NonStop™

Looking for a new community wide, media-driven promotion that helps children to adopt healthy and active lifestyles?  That’s cost effective and easy to implement?  Look no further!

NonStop™ is a proven, value added behavior modification program that combines a fun, reward-based online program for kids.  Families sign up and participate in the NonStop™ program at no charge through a Program Sponsor in their community.  The goal of this exciting program is to change sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits of children.  This improves overall wellness and lowers healthcare costs.

That’s why NonStop™ proactively focuses on changing minds in order to change lifestyles and addresses the core issue of today’s wellness problem: lasting lifestyle changes.  The program encourages children to increase physical activity, decrease screen time, set personal goals and make good nutritional choices.

Rewards Based
Kids earn points for daily activity and for making better nutritional choices.  This means less TV, video games and junk foods as kids learn a healthier approach to living.  Kids love NonStop™ as they earn free prizes by becoming more active and eating more fruits and vegetables.  Parents embrace the program because it promotes self-responsibility and triggers a commitment to wellness.  Equally important, NonStop™ to Wellness lays the foundation for permanent lifestyle changes and empowers individuals of all ages to make better choices.

Cause Marketing
NonStop™ offers an organization a wonderful opportunity to become the acknowledged champion of wellness in their community.  They become the recognized leader in the fight against childhood obesity and the promotion of healthy living.  It’s a great way to unite business partners, utilize local media outlets and involve the entire community, including schools and churches.  This partnering strengthens both your bonds and reach within the community.  Plus, NonStop™ provides your organization with the resources and graphics to be successful and the program is branded under your name.

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